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System Protection & Control Tech Trainee (38985 NYSEG) Hornell, NY

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Posted on: 23-May-2023

Location: Hornell, NY, US

Company: IBERDROLA, S.A.

Job Info

POSITION - Union: SP&C Technician Apprentice (NYSEG-Hornell)(38985)



Wage Range - $40.16 to $54.16/hourly


Under close supervision:

  1. Learns the basics of relaying practice procedures and switching.
  2. Checks switchboard wiring by "ring-out" method.
  3. Marks prints with revisions and corrections.
  4. Tabulates test data.
  5. Assists in relay testing as directed by higher rated man.

Experience, Education and Special Information Required:

  1. Must possess A.A.S. degree in Electrical EngineeringTechnology. (Minimum requirement)
  2. Must have complied with all terms of the Memorandum of Agreement governing the System Protection & Control Technician Training Program as it applies to a System Protection & Control Technician Trainee.
  3. Must become thoroughly familiar with this Company's Electrical and Mechanical Tagging Rules.
  4. Must become familiar with Company's Safety Rules, approved methods of resuscitation and be able to render practical First Aid.
  5. Must be able to qualify for appropriate operators' licenses.


Physical Qualifications:

  1. Normal health, physique and use of senses as indicated by passing the required physical examination given by a Company physician, including color perception.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Should possess temperament suited to jobs where manual dexterity, precision and patience are particularly essential.
  2. Must be especially neat and orderly in work.
  3. Must have established reputation for being trustworthy when in possession of confidential information.
  4. Must be willing to work extra and/or irregular hours as required.
  5. Must be particularly alert in observing hazards and avoiding accidents and when working on or near live conductors, structures and equipment must proceed with the most diligent caution.
  6. Must meet general qualifications for all employees as described in the Preamble to Job Specifications.



  • Be a role model
  • Be agile
  • Collaborate and Share
  • Develop Self and Others
  • Empower to grow
  • Focus to achieve results
  • Technical Skills

Mobility Information

Please note that any applicant who is not a citizen of the country of the vacancy will be subject to compliance with the applicable immigration requirements to legally work in that country.  If/when required, the Company will support the employee with the necessary Immigration requirements.